Batman;Dark Night Parodic Mug with handle and interior - Batman, Bat-signal and Dark Knight (Funny Batman;Dark Night Parody - High Quality Mug - Ref : 426)

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This high quality ceramic mug, signed okiWoki, is ideal for getting up in a good mood in the morning, or enjoying a nice hot chocolate, tea or coffee. It presents a parody Batman;Dark Night featuring Batman - Bat-Signal in a humorous creation, signed Okiwoki, which will amuse all your friends and family! This high quality mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and comes in a sturdy packaging, specially designed to withstand the shocks of transport! Perfectly adapted to hot and cold, the okiWoki mug is the ideal utensil to keep smiling and enjoy a good coffee, hot chocolate, tea, soda or any other delicious drink...
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